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A Terrific Learning Tool for Free!

ankiIt’s not often that you find something really terrific for free but this is one of those times!  If you are currently studying hard for an exam or working to memorize something, a language for example, this tool might be precisely what you’ve been hoping for.

I’m talking about Anki (www.ankisrs.net).  Anki is a free, downloadable flash card learning program, based on the spaced repetition concept of learning, and it offers some great features.  Not only is ANKI extremely easy to use, I’ve found it really increases the efficiency of my learning and also my level of retention.

Anki has way too many features to list but let me mention a few key capabilities.  First, you can get a version of Anki for virtually any platform.  That means you can install it on your PC, your iPad or iPhone, an Android tablet, even a Linux machine.  There’s even a web-only version (ankiweb.net) that you can use, without downloading, on any machine or device that has an Internet connection.


Anki allows you to input your own cards (called decks) or you can choose from a wide variety of existing decks on any number of subjects and download them easily from the Internet.  Some of the existing language decks, for example, are invaluable.  Anki also provides statistics on your learning progress.

So give Anki a try.  Again, it’s not often you come across something this useful, for free.

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5 thoughts on “A Terrific Learning Tool for Free!

  1. PJ

    ANKI is awesome! I’m studying for finals at the moment, and I can think of all kinds of ways to use it!

    1. admin

      It actually can integrate sound files — particularly useful for language learning.

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