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The Mechanism of a Dream Life

brainThe human mind is an astonishingly powerful organ.  One of the most amazing — even seemingly magical — things about it is that a conscious decision to improve one’s outlook and prospects, can result in precisely those changes.  This has important implications for anyone who is intent upon achieving a dream — or several dreams.  Our ability to impact our own mind is literally the mechanism through which we achieve our dreams Continue reading

The Truth About Learning Languages

langHas learning a language always been one of your personal dreams?  It is for a great many people. I’m a big fan of languages and I have quite a few friends who speak at least one language other than their own.  I also have quite a few other friends who have tried to learn a language without much success.  So, over the past few weeks, I’ve made a point of talking to my friends about the process of learning a language.  I combined what I heard with my own experiences, and here’s what I’ve learned. Continue reading

The Surprising Power of Breathing

breatheYou don’t have to be a guru, a monk or even a devotee of Yoga to derive a great deal of benefit from breathing exercises — sometimes referred to as abdominal breathing.  Now, some of you might be thinking that such things belong to the realm of unicorns and fairy dust, but there’s growing scientific evidence to suggest that deep breathing exercises result in specific physiological changes that result in concrete health benefits — the changes include increased blood oxygen levels and decreased carbon dioxide levels. Continue reading