Awe – Just Another Way to Say FLYODI!

aweHere at FLYODI we focus on ways to make life a grand experience.  We explore things like self-development, learning, life management, life-expanding experiences, passion, and the joy of helping others.  We firmly believe that the active pursuit of these things makes all the difference in life. It turns out that Stanford University agrees. 

To put it simply, we believe that making the choice to seek out a broad range of experiences makes our lives fuller and expands our sense of being alive. Frankly, it spells the difference between the mediocre and the extraordinary. 

The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.        Bob Proctor

New research at Stanford University confirms our beliefs.  They even have their a word for it; awe! In the video below, Stanford researcher Melanie Rudd describes how experiencing the emotion of awe expands our perceptions of available time, makes life feel fuller, and even encourages us to pursue truly meaningful aspects of life, rather than simply chasing material goods.

Take a look.  Afterwards, lets explore how to inject awe  — or perhaps we should say inject FLYODI — into your life.



Melanie Rudd talks about awe primarily in terms of how it expands our perception of the fullness and availability of time.  These are clearly valuable aspects of experiencing awe.   Near the video though, she implies that awe improves our lives in other ways — it causes us to consider experiencing life more broadly.  We couldn’t agree more!  In fact, we believe awe is what makes life worth living.

So how do we go about experiencing awe?  It’s simply a matter of making a conscious effort to do so.  In other words, if we open ourselves to new experiences and to learning, if we approach life with a sense of curiosity and wonder, if we passionately purse the expansive aspects of life, we will enjoy the many benefits of awe.  It’s that simple. And there are virtually endless sources of awe — fantastic music, the birth of a child, nature, the scale of the universe, love, compassion for others — the causes of awe vary from one person to the next — it’s a very personal affair.

Of course, many people associate awe with experiences they’ve had while wandering our amazing planet and with encountering other cultures.  And we certainly recommend that approach. But you can experience awe right in your living room too.  That’s because you really experience it in your own mind

So start your life-long association with awe today.  Invest a few minutes in the following video and then perhaps a few minutes afterwards thinking about the implications.

As always, we wait almost breathlessly to hear your impressions of this subject.  Feel free to make maximum use of the comment form just below. And have an AWEsome day!

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