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Has Your Cell Become a Jail?

ballSo, are you looking at doing a “two-year stretch” for renewing your cell phone?  Or perhaps your monthly cell phone bill feels like a heavy ball and chain?  If so, don’t feel alone.  Lot’s of people feel trapped by cell phone company contracts and fees for unlimited data that range from $60 to nearly $100 per month.

Now, here at FLYODI, we typically talk about learning, self-development, dreams, and a passion for life. We don’t often do products reviews.  But we believe that making good financial decisions is key to enhancing our lives.  So, something that could potentially save you $70 a month (or more) and preclude you from having to sign a burdensome contract seemed worth looking into.  And no, we’re not affiliated with Republic Wireless.  But then again, maybe we ought to be!  🙂

So, if you’re unhappy with cell phone costs and contracts, you might want to look into an innovative new smart phone idea by a company called Republic Wireless.  Republic will provide you unlimited service on a smart phone for as little as $19 per month, and they require NO contract.


IMG_7624aHere’s the deal.  Republic Wireless will sell you a Motorola Defy XT smart phone and provide you unlimited data, voice, email and Internet service for $19 per month.  How can they do that when everyone else charges 3 or 4 times that amount?  They do it using an innovative technical idea; hybrid connectivity.  The phone is able to connect to a normal cellular network OR it can connect through your home Wi-Fi network.  Since the phone uses the traditional cellular network less frequently it dramatically lowers the cost.

The only other “catch”, if you want to call it that, is that Republic currently only offers the one Android-based Motorola phone.  So, if your goal in life is to have the very latest gadgets, this phone will not fill that bill.  It’s a capable smart phone that works well but neither its processor nor its operating system are the very latest thing.  Republic is, however, planning to offer different phone models in the future.

Now, I have the Republic Motorola Defy XT and it works very well.  The call clarity varies a bit but it varied on my previous service too.  In fact, the cell phone reception at my home never was great, so the performance of the Motorola Defy over my Wi-Fi is a major improvement.  In addition, the phone has a capable camera, a camcorder, GPS, a nifty flashlight application (using the camer’s flash unit) and other programs and features. Its Bluetooth also hooked up nicely to my headset and in my Volvo.  What the phone does NOT include, thankfully, is a bunch of “bloatware” (unwanted junk software installed by the cell phone company.

Here’s a chart published by Republic to help you compare:


Click for larger size


At present, you have two payment options with Republic.  You can pay the full price of $199 for the Motorola phone and then pay $19 a month for unlimited service.  Or, if you prefer not to pay so much up front, you can pay $99 for the phone and then $29 per month for the unlimited service.    It’s the same phone, same unlimited plan with no contract — just your choice of how you’d prefer to pay.  The plans  reach the break-even at about 15 months.  After that, the $19 per month plan really starts to rack up the savings.  So, it’s up to you.

The bottom line; Republic Wireless is worth investigating.  If you’re one of those people whose previous cell phone contract felt like a prison, you may really like the Motorola Defy XT and the $19 Republic service.  Depending on your current cell phone plan Republic could save you as much as $50, $60, or even $70 per month.  Pretty FLYODI!

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts!  Are you stuck in a long-term cell contract? Would you consider Republic?  Do you own a Republic hybrid technology phone?  All thoughts are welcome!

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3 thoughts on “Has Your Cell Become a Jail?

  1. admin

    I need to make a little addendum to this post and I suppose a comment is as good a way to do it as any. I’ve only been dealing with Republic Wireless for a couple of weeks now but it’s very clear that they are a different kind of phone company! Within days after I purchased my phone, Republic started a summer sale and lowered the price by $50. I was a little annoyed and sent off an email to them about it. They answered within an hour saying; “No problem, we’ll give you the $50.” Frankly, I couldn’t believe. I think I’m going to like this company.

  2. Kron Dyke

    Man! that’s a great deal for unlimited sevice as long at the Wi-Fi portion of it works. I’m paying four times that much

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