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posFLYODI.com is all about making your life better through learning, self-development, and exposure to new, enriching experiences. In short, it’s about passion for life! We believe life can be extraordinary for each and every one of us — it shouldn’t be drudgery or quiet desperation.  And a fun, fulfilling, well-lived life isn’t reserved for just a select few!  It’s about the things we each personally choose to do. It comes from being our best. It’s your life and it’s truly up to YOU!  So, what’s on YOUR horizon?

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to FLYODI!

  1. Felton3

    I don’t really know how this site works but I know my life sure could be better! Maybe you could talk to my wife and kids for me.

  2. Bonnie Riley

    Congratulations, George!! What a lovely, inspiring and thought-provoking site you have created.

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