About Those New Year’s Resolutions …

$RWGYNPLHow about those New Year’s resolutions?  Yes; THOSE New Year’s resolutions — remember them? No?  Well, it’s time to pull out your list, give it a thorough going-over, and perhaps make some, ahem … adjustments.

Why, you might ask, do I bring your resolutions up at this particular moment? Good question!  I do so, because we’ve reached a very important milestone. I bring it up because, at noon today, we went sailing past 182.5 on the Julian calendar.  That’s exactly half of 365.  Yes, you’ve already burned through half of 2013 and through half of your time to achieve those resolutions — the keys to enhancing your life.

The arrival of the new year is great — it provides us with inspiration.  But as Chris Guilleunbeau, author of “The $100 Startup“, says; inspiration without action is nothing more than entertainment — no better than American Idol.  The action part of our resolutions is what holds the promise of making our lives better, not the fun, entertaining short-term inspiration part.

fireworksSo, are you approximately halfway to reaching those goals or achieving the dream you committed yourself to one hundred and eighty two and a half days ago?  Have you lost 12.5 of those extra 25 pounds?  Have you banked $1250 of the $2500 you were going to put away for a rainy day?  Have you set a date and purchased the ticket for your trip to Bora Bora? If so, congratulations!  If not, don’t despair — but it’s definitely time to get your goals and dreams back on track!

You may be saying to yourself; “Yikes, I’m not where I’m supposed to be!  What the heck do I do now?”  I’m glad you asked that question!  Let’s lay out some steps:

list1) Review your list of resolutions and see which of the goals on the list are still important to you.  If you didn’t make resolutions, now is a great time to do so.  You can call them mid-year resolutions if you like.  Better yet, you can sidestep all the New Year’s hype and simply call them what they are — the goals that will dramatically improve your life.

2) Focus intently on the benefits of your goals.    Visualize, just as clearly as you possibly can, what your life will look like — how it will be better — when you accomplish your goals. Try to actually feel the joy.  Feel how svelte and graceful you will feel after losing the desired amount of weight, feel the security you’ll experience once you have a $2500 emergency fund in the bank, or feel the warm Bora Bora sun and the azure water on your skin.  Do this often to help you stay focused

affirm3) Use power affirmations frequently.  I find that recorded power affirmations are very useful.  They improve my outlook and help me maintain a “can-do” attitude.  They also help me to keep my goals and dreams in the forefront of my mind so that I’m less likely to miss important opportunities.  If you don’t have access to recorded affirmations — no problem. Write a few key, positive phrases on an index card and repeat them to yourself a number of times a day. Say these phrases in an assured and confident way. Key tip: it’s probably best to do this when no one else is around! 🙂 Try to use first-person, present tense phrases, for example; “Each day, I get closer to my ideal weight.”  At this point, I really must add one important note: I do NOT believe that positive affirmations work in the magical, fairy dust sort of way suggested by the book and the movie entitled “The Secret”.  For my thoughts on that, see my post entitled “I Hope You NEVER Learn the Secret”.   Nevertheless, they do have value great value.  Finally, uplifting music can be extremely powerful too.  Here’s what I’m listening to at the moment. — Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack Medley.

target4) Take action NOW and every day toward your goals.  Frankly, this is the most important item in this entire post.  Action — and only action — will get you where you want to be.  In addition, there is dramatic power in simply undertaking your journey toward your goals and dreams.  Being under way on the journey reduces anxiety about the difficulty, and small accomplishments will provide you with a large boost.  It makes the next step easier, and the next, and the …….

note5)  Track your progress and remind yourself frequently.  There are a number of free online goal tracking aides, that you can use, including Joe’s Goals and  Evernote.  You might also use an Excel spreadsheet or even the old standby; a pencil and a notebook.  However here’s my own personal technique – and it works very well.  Use your email software, or a phone app to set up recurring messages reminding you about your goals.  I’ve created 5 of these to track my important goals and they remind me a number of times throughout the day.  That may seem excessive but it’s so easy to get derailed that I find it VERY helpful.

I’d also recommend that you take a look at the recent FLYODI post entitled 12 Easy Ways to Make Your Life Better.  This post contains a variety of tips that will help improve your outlook and your health — both of which support your ability to stick with your goals.

So that’s it. The 182nd day of the year really is an important milestone.  If you haven’t made substantial progress toward your important goals and dreams, by all means start today!  You don’t need all the hype of New Year’s resolutions — you just need consistent, positive action.  Think about how great next New Year’s eve will be if, instead of reiterating the same resolutions from previous years, you’re actually celebrating the achievement of your goals and dreams.  Best of luck — and Happy Mid-Year’s day!

And finally, if Bora Bora really is one of your your goals (it’s one of mine) here’s a bit of additional motivation.

Joe’s Goals
While Others Only Dream
12 Easy Ways to Make Your Life Better
Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack Medley

Here at FLYODI, we just can’t wait to hear what you think about this post.  We’d particularly like to hear about your success with achieving goals, or perhaps your fantastic trip to Bora Bora.

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