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I Hope You NEVER Learn The Secret!

no secret2Yes, I hope you NEVER learn The Secret.  Now, I realize that seems like a pretty harsh thing to say. So, let me explain.
I truly hope you learn everything in life that you ever want to learn.  I hope that your lifelong efforts at learning reveal all kinds of fantastic secrets.  The truth is, the world is chock full of them. I just hope you don’t learn — or should I say; fall for — The Secret.   Yes, I’m talking about the book and the movie of  the same name, and the flawed underlying idea the authors call the “law” of attraction.

Here’s why I say don’t fall for it.  It’s not that I’m against positive thinking.  In fact, I couldn’t be more in favor of it. I believe positive thinking helps us get up every day and aggressively pursue our goals  I’m also in favor of visualizing our goals and dreams in order to add clarity to our thinking. I don’t believe, however, that thinking, visualizing and wishing ALONE will bring our goals any closer.  I think it’s essential to be passionate, persistent, logical and grounded when we pursue our dreams.  Your dreams are far too important to be to be relegated to any other approach.  The premise of “The Secret” is that if we want something strongly enough, and visualize having it, it will be attracted to us.  The book goes further to say; if you didn’t get it, you simply didn’t want it badly enough. There is absolutely no evidence that this idea works.  It’s dangerous, self-deluding superstition that only sets us up for failure.

Frankly, this kind of wishful thinking has been around for eons.  The bad news is; there’s simply no magical force that will see to it that you get what you really want.  That is; no magical force other than your own determination, decisions and actions — which are pretty magical in themselves.  You will have to clarify your goals (in other words, decide what it is you really want) and then take concrete steps to make your goals a reality.  If your goals are big, they’re likely to require laser-like focus and consistent, concerted action, over a period of time.  Again, the very good news is; that’s a powerful secret in itself.  If you simply figure out what you really want and take aggressive, concrete steps to make it happen — your chances of success sky-rocket.


So instead, of the “Secret” let me offer the following three steps to help you:

1) Think hard about your goals.  Believe it or not, it’s difficult for most people to clearly state what they really want.  It’s easy to say: “I want to be successful” or “I want to be rich” or “I want a terrific spouse”.  But what do those things really mean?  Success for one person might mean being the CEO of a huge corporation, while success for another might mean running a tiny surf shop on a beautiful beach in Belize, with lots of free time for surfing.  It’s very important to decide precisely what you want — and it requires a good deal of thought.  Don’t just state platitudes.  Your goals should be specific. For example; within two years, I will  be working as network administrator and I will buy a house overlooking the ocean .  This kind of clarity allows you to make a plan, and it allows you to measure your progress toward the goal.  Again, don’t just sit around and wish, as “The Secret” advises — that will only end in disappointment.

2) Do one concrete thing each day (or at least one each week) that moves your toward your goal.  I like the saying; “done moves you toward success”.  In other words, each step in your plan that you can complete, even if its small, gets you closer to your dream.  Waiting for the perfect moment or the perfect approach to every intermediate step in a plan will stall even the most motivated person. Get something done toward your goal today, even if it isn’t perfect.

3) Measure your progress at the end of each month.  There are lots of tracking tools that can help you with this.  If you’re not where you need to be, don’t panic — the road to our dreams is not a straight one — but take immediate, decisive steps to get back on track.

Frankly, these steps represent the only proven way to achieve success — clarify your goals, take concrete steps to achieve them, consistently review your progress so you can quickly get back on track if you’ve strayed.  That’s the REAL secret — and it’s enormously powerful!

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6 thoughts on “I Hope You NEVER Learn The Secret!

  1. Kelton R

    Thankfully, someone is identifying this scam for what it really is — dangerous superstition. Oprah should be ashamed of herself for foisting this on millions of people.

  2. Kurt Whalen

    people always criticiszing the secret? It’s all quantum physics — haven’t you ever seen the movie “What the Bleep”. You have to be positive and believe and it WILL work.

    1. PaeloGuy

      What are you talking about? There is nothing in quantum physics that supports the law of attraction. Quantum physics just suggests that some things we may not have thought of as possible might turn out to be possible. This doesn’t make the secret, or for that matter a giant tea pot circling Mars, any more likely. Get a life!

    1. admin

      A simple engineer’s life philosophy, by Chuck Papageorgiou:

      Be good at what you do,
      Do the right thing,
      Help others.

      I like it Rajiv!

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