Oh, the Things That You Will Learn!

nocatsYouTube is chock full of amusing cat videos, fail compilations and other time-wasters but there’s a whole other world out there too — the YouTube world of learning.  You may have to look around a bit, but YouTube may just be the word’s most underrated source of learning. From the theoretical and academic to the very practical, YouTube is an invaluable source of useful information.

What can you learn on YouTube?  Well, almost anything.  Here are just a few examples.


1. Learn to Cook a Souffle:

2. Learn to play Cribbage:

3. Learn to Draw:

4. Learn to Tie a Tie:

5. Learn to Crochet:

6. Learn to Solve Quadratic Equation:

7. Learn to Replace Your Car’s Brake Pads:

8. Learn to Refinish a Table:

9. Learn to Juggle:

10. Learn to Change a Broken Washing Machine Belt:

11. Learn to Make a WordPress Website:

12. Learn to Improve Your Memory:

13. Learn to Groom a Border Terrier:

14.  Learn to Play Stairway to Heaven on a Guitar

Those are just a few of the topics that are available.  There’s a video on just about anything you want to learn.  Why not check it out.  After all, learning makes life better.

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