The Surprising Power of Breathing

breatheYou don’t have to be a guru, a monk or even a devotee of Yoga to derive a great deal of benefit from breathing exercises — sometimes referred to as abdominal breathing.  Now, some of you might be thinking that such things belong to the realm of unicorns and fairy dust, but there’s growing scientific evidence to suggest that deep breathing exercises result in specific physiological changes that result in concrete health benefits — the changes include increased blood oxygen levels and decreased carbon dioxide levels. Continue reading

While Others Only Dream

hawaiiIf I could encourage everyone to do just one thing, it would be this; do something most other people only dream of doing –and do it NOW!  It  will enhance your existence and dramatically improve your outlook.  It’s easier than it sounds. So, go after a dream, while others only dream of it!  Here are some thoughts about doing just that. Continue reading

While Others Only Dream (Part 2)

hawaiiIn my previous post, I made the point that the time to expand your horizons is NOW.  It’s no accident that NOW rhymes with WOW.   Okay, well maybe it is!  :-))  Still, I firmly believe that achieving a dream will instantly enhance your life and your outlook Continue reading