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Some People Just Radiate Goodness and Fun!

LH2Okay, some of my previous blog posts have been a bit long and even a little technical.  So perhaps I can provide a bit of balance with this post — just something fun to enjoy and to celebrate, yet again, the astounding range of wonderful people out there. Once in a while you come across someone on the web that is just so special, so creative, so talented, that you have to share it.  Clearly, Lisa Hannigan is one of those people.  This beautiful young Irish woman just radiates goodness and fun, so I thought I’d share.  If you can watch these videos without smiling or tapping your feet, you might want to have yourself checked for a pulse!  :-)

Ain’t she grand!  :-)  To check out her other creative videos — Go Here

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4 thoughts on “Some People Just Radiate Goodness and Fun!

  1. Kelly Liper

    I just love Lisa Hannigan! I checked her website though and she doesn’t have any US dates planned. Too bad! 🙁

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