Well, Water Ya’ Know!

waterThis weekend has been far too nice to sit in front of the computer writing my usual (ahem) sparkling, insightful blog content.  However, it’s never too nice outside to learn.  So, I thought I’d share something that I found interesting and entertaining on the Internet.

The astronaut in this video is Canadian Commander Chris Hadfield, whom you may have recently seen performing his in-space cover of the famous David Bowie song “Space Oddity” (Ground Control to Major Tom.)  That video garnered about 16 million YouTube views.  I don’t know Commander Hadfield but, based on some of his recent exploits, it seems to me he pretty much embodies the FLYODI approach to life.

Here’s something a little different he did while aboard the International Space Station. Who thought learning could be so much fun?  Here’s a tip; after he describes what he’s going to do, stop the video and ponder for a moment. What do you think will happen?


I must say the behaviour (Canadian spelling in honour of Commander Hadfield) of the water was not what I anticipated.  I thought that when he squeezed the washcloth, it would probably force the water into droplets large enough to simply float away from his the cloth and his hands.  The things you learn on the InterWebs, eh?  🙂

Now here’s a question for you dear FLYODI readers:  Wouldn’t you think it would be somewhat dangerous to let liquids float around in the space station like that, where it could come into contact with electrical components housed around the edges of the spacecraft?

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