While Others Only Dream

hawaiiIf I could encourage everyone to do just one thing, it would be this; do something most other people only dream of doing –and do it NOW!  It  will enhance your existence and dramatically improve your outlook.  It’s easier than it sounds. So, go after a dream, while others only dream of it!  Here are some thoughts about doing just that.

I had the good fortune of learning to fly a helicopter and subsequently earning my commercial helicopter pilot’s license.  I loved learning to fly and it led to some of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.

IMG_7642aWhy do I mention that?  Because it never ceases to amaze me how many people I meet who, when they find out I have a pilot’s license, say; “Oh, I WISH I had learned to fly!”, or “I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of flying”, or “Oh I’ve NEVER been in a helicopter”.  This always strikes me as a little bit curious and more than a little sad.  I always think to myself; “So DO it!”

bradleyHere at FLYODI we believe that the whole point of living is to make it grand!  It’s about learning, and growing and reaching — it’s about a passion for life.  And, obviously, were trying to convince you of that idea too.

Now, of course, just what constitutes “grand” is entirely up to you.  It may mean learning to fly, it may mean starting a non-profit for cancer research, or it may mean raising a happy, healthy child.  But if you’ve been dreaming of doing something, like those folks who tell me they’ve always dreamt of flying, then GO FOR IT!  I’ll say it again, go for it my friend!  The clock is ticking!

Now, I know what you’re thinking; “but dreams cost money.”  Well first, I’d ask; what is money good for, if not for pursuing a long-dreamt dream? And secondly, I’d say; it may not cost as much as you think.

Here is the first installment of dream ideas (the first 6 of 12) that you can pursue, RIGHT AWAY without breaking the bank:

plane1) Fly an Airplane:  (Cost: Free)  This is an easy one!  At most smaller airports, you’ll find flying schools that offer a free introductory lesson.  During this lesson, you’ll typically get ground instruction, you’ll go through a preflight inspection of the airplane, and then you’ll go flying!  You’ll take the pilot’s seat while a flight  instructor sits in the copilot’s position.  The best part is you’ll usually get 15 or 20 minutes of hands on experience flying the plane. After this flight, you’ll have a pretty good idea of whether or not flying is something you want to pursue further.  Even if your don’t, you’ll always be able to say you flew a plane.  Now, If you’re really adventurous contact Air Combat USA where you can fly a mission and engage in several dogfights in a fully aerobatic fighter plane for around $1300 (with an instructor onboard, of course).


hawaii2) Spend a Month in Hawaii: (Cost:  Daily expenses + airfare)  Since a month in a hotel virtually anywhere in Hawaii will almost certainly be prohibitively expensive, the key to this idea is housesitting.   Housesitting is an agreement by which you live in and monitor someone’s house while they’re away, in exchange for free accommodations.  Of course, it’s very important that you make sure the housesitting arrangement you enter into is legitimate, and also be sure to cover details, such as who pays utilities.  But it can be done.  Here are a couple of websites that might help you get started.  Incidentally if your’re interested in the topics of housesitting and exotic destinations like Hawaii, stay tuned to FLYODI.  There’s a LOT more to come!

Wikihow – How to Get a House Sitting Gig
Housesittingcouple — List of House Sitting Websites


elephants3) Work with Elephants:  (Cost: Around $1100 + airfare) Through an organization like Experiential Learning International you can spend two weeks (or more) in Thailand helping an organization that maintains the viability of elephants.  You will learn all about elephants and even feed and bathe them. There are other programs that will allow you to lend a hand in important efforts and explore other countries too, at a relatively low cost.


4) Skydive (Cost: Less than $300)  In most areas in the United States, you can make a tandem skydive (attached to an instructor) for $100 to $300.  Having made several jumps myself, I can tell you that it is exhilarating like almost nothing else you can do.

WikiHow — How to Skydive for the First Time
Ezine — Skydiving for the First Timer


5) Learn to Speak Italian or Japanese or . . .  : (Cost: Less than $50) Granted, learning a language isn’t something you’ll do in a day or even a month, but you can get started on it TODAY and for practically no money.  If you spend just 15 or 20 minutes a day, you can make tremendous progress in a couple of months.  Then you’ll be ready for that other dream — a trip to Bella Italia.  I recommend that you invest in one good introductory book, and some form of audio lessons — either on CD or in digital format, on your music player or phone.  A great place to listen and practice your speaking is in your car or on a bus, during your commute.  Beyond that, the Internet has made it MUCH easier and cheaper to learn a language.  There’s a wide variety of learning materials available online, ranging from short YouTube lessons and clips, to special-purpose language learning sites, to free, online radio stations in the language of your choice.  The best part is that it is all free or very low cost.  Finally, a wonderful resources is language-focused groups at Meetup.com. The Denver Italian group is an example of a welcoming and helpful environment in which to learn.  The links below are for Italian but just a little searching will produce similar results for many other languages.

Fluenz Free YouTube Lesson
BBC Language Italian Learning Site
Example of Free, Streaming Italian Radio Online
Denver Italian Meetup Group


race6) Drive a Professional Race Car at 175 MPH (Cost: Around $300 + travel and accommodations)  Here’s another exhilarating activity that is surprisingly affordable.  You can do it at a wide variety of race tracks from Florida to New Hampshire to California. Typically, you’ll get professional instruction and then drive several laps on a pro race course.  The price varies depending on whether you want to have the experience alone or with an instructor in a specially modified two-seater racer car. 

Andretti Racing
Bondurant Racing
Jim Russell Racing

So, there’s the first installment of immediately achievable dreams that won’t break the bank. Now, perhaps none of these is your dream.  So, check back here at FLYODI as we’ll publish the second half of the list in a subsequent blog post very soon.

And whether your dream is on the list or not, the point is, one or more of your dreams may be more reachable than you ever imagined.  You should look into it right away — while others only dream.  Again, the clock is ticking.

As always, here at FLYODI we’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts about achieving goals and dreams.  Have ideas about other dreams that are well-within reach, or perhaps your own story about reaching a life-long goals, then drop us a line!  We hope your dreams are all coming true!

Finally, here’s my very favorite YouTube video.  It’s my favorite for reasons that will become obvious soon after your start watching it!  It’s “off the Fonzi scale”!  🙂


While Others Only Dream – Part 2

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