While Others Only Dream (Part 2)

hawaiiIn my previous post, I made the point that the time to expand your horizons is NOW.  It’s no accident that NOW rhymes with WOW.   Okay, well maybe it is!  :-))  Still, I firmly believe that achieving a dream will instantly enhance your life and your outlook

Given that many people think dream activities are out of their reach, I started to list a few great, achievable dream activities that won’t break the bank.  Well, the list of possibilities got so extensive, that I had to break it into two parts.  So, let’s continue with those great dream possibilities that you can do right away:

Here are numbers 7 through 12 . . .

sfo7)  Attend a World-Class Opera Performance:  ($150 + accommadations and travel)  There is nothing quite like seeing a live opera performed by a world-class company.  To get an idea, watch the movies “MoonStruck” or “Pretty Woman“, both contain first-time opera experiences.   For your opera adventure, your biggest expense is likely to be travel and accommodations.  Good seats are typically available for less than $100 (although prime seats will cost more).  How much you’ll have to spend will depend upon how close you live to a truly great opera theater (see list below).  As for the choice of your first opera, I’d recommend an opera by Puccini, such as Tosca, Madame Butterfly, or La Boheme (pronounced “boh em” )  Incidentally, the opera has gotten a bit more casual so, unless you attend an opening night performance at the Met or La Scala, people typically don’t wear formal evening attire.

San Francisco Opera
Santa Fe Opera
The Metropolitan Opera.

balloon8See the Sunrise in a Hot Air Balloon (Cost – Less than $300)  There are many places across America and around the world where hot air balloon flights are available.  So, you should be able to find one within a short drive from where you live.  Best of all, it’s a great, low-cost way to get a brand new perspective on things.  Here in Colorado, you can even take in extraordinary scenery by balloon in places like Breckenridge.  Flights are typically about an hour and the price often includes a champagne celebration and breakfast immediately after landing.
Colorado Balloon Rides

9) Raise Money for a Great Cause: (Cost – $ ) This is a life-changing adventure that you can purse and it won’t cost you a dime — all you need is a big heart, some imagination and time.  There are many ways to go about this.  You could, of course, go the traditional route and get friends to sponsor you in a charity walk or run.  But why not think BIG!  How about coordinating a charity concert, or canvasing corporations in your area for a big donor, or creating and selling an innovative calendar.   Better yet, why not let your imagination soar and come up with something new and novel.  Both you, and the world will be better for it!

Association of Fundraising Professionals
eBay Giving Works

congress10) Give Your Representative a Piece of Your Mind: (Cost – $ ) These days, the vast majority of the voter contact received by Congress comes in the form of email.  While email is certainly easy and efficient, it’s also easier to ignore and dismiss.  A written letter, sent via the Postal Service word have a bit more impact but, if you feel passionate about something, how about going a step further.  Some representatives hold office hours when they are home visiting their districts and citizens can make an appointment to visit.  So go tell your representative how you feel, face-to-face.  How’s that for impact?  And how’s that for an adventure to get you out of your day-to-day routine?

eHow — How to Contact Your Representative

eifel11) Attend a French Cooking Class: (Cost – Less than 75$)  Looking for a quick (and even perhaps romantic) adventure?  How about a class in French cuisine?  A quick Internet search here in Denver produced a wide variety of inexpensive options for learning about French cooking.  For example, once a month, Le Central Restaurant offers a class with one of their excellent chefs.  For only around $30, the chef will guide you through the creation of a selected dish.  Afterwards, you can eat the delicious results. Similarly, Sur La Table, offers classes on their bistro specialities for only $69. Or the Gourmet Spoon even  offers team-building cooking classes.  Perhaps they could help you combine a cooking adventure with the fund-raising idea mentioned above.  In any case, I’m sure you will find similar offerings in your city.

Le Central Restaurant, Denver
Sur Le Table
The Gourmet Spoon, Denver

beach12) Start an Internet Business: (Cost – Less than $500 and up)  For many people, starting their own business is a long-standing dream.  Still, they hesitate because they don’t have the necessary upfront investment and they can’t afford to leave their current job.  Well, the Internet solves those problems.  The Internet offers virtually unlimited opportunities, ranging from online advice columns to businesses based on social networking, to full-blown eCommerce stores.  The possibilities are almost endless and many online business ideas require only a small initial investment. Best of all you can keep your current job and pursue the business in your spare time.  One word of caution though, don’t think that it won’t require substantial effort or that it will make a million overnight.  Check out the books below for ideas.

The 4-Hour Workweek
The Laptop Millionaire
The $100 Startup

Now, perhaps none of these is your dream.  But the point is, one of more of your dreams may be more reachable than you ever imagined.  You should look into it right away — while others only dream.  Again, the clock is ticking.

As always, your thought and comments are most welcome!

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  1. Susan Goodman

    Hmm. Some of your part one and two dream items interest me. I think I will do a world class opera first – what do you think? 🙂

  2. admin

    In my opinion, it’s hard to beat world-class opera. Especially if someone else is paying for it! 🙂

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